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Frieze Resource Library Overview


The Frieze Resource Library is a collection of management and administrative resources that assist church and ministry leaders in organizing and operating God's house in a more "decent and orderly" manner. Each resource has been designed as a template that leadership can use to create their official organizational and operational manuals. Be a wise steward! These amazing resources will save you countless hours of time, as well as money, as you avoid recreating the wheel, when the wheel already exists. Join the thousands of other churches and ministries who have seen the light.

A Variety of Options

Five individual resources comprise the entire Frieze Resource Library. Each resource is available individually, in any combination with the others, or in total -- comprising the complete Library. They can be purchased as hard copy manuals only, or in software (binders and tabs also included). Software purchases are also available in multi-user developer and network user licenses. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Software Features

Each of the five resources in the software has been provided as a set of PDF (Portable Document Format) documents for easy use in reviewing, researching and printing. All five resources are tightly integrated with hyperlinks and common navigational tools.

The actual customizable working files of the resources (available in the applicable Microsoft Office file formats Word, Excel or Powerpoint) will be used to perform your own manual preparation work and create, save, and in the future, modify your own manuals.

With this software you will be able to:

Use the cut, copy, paste, find and replace command to make modifications and global word changes easily throughout the entire manual.

Quickly access needed information through the use of simple and advanced word and/or phrase searches.

Revert to your previously saved version if you make a mistake or return to the original source file if you desire.

Print original looking copies directly from the resource interface. The original source file will always be available in the software for your future use and reference as new policies, forms, leadership descriptions, etc. become needed within your ministry in the months and years to come.

Organizational charts, as found in the the Organizational Manual, have been linked to each or the individual Position or Ministry Descriptions for quick access and reference.

All administrative form references in the Policies and Procedures Manual text have been hyperlinked to the actual forms in the Administrative Forms Manual (if purchased) for viewing, printing and reference. Just click on a form's number and you will open that form. This important feature allows you the opportunity to give your staff access to all the documentation needed to comply with any given policy and procedure. A tremendous time saver in guiding staff and implementing needed policies.

All Administrative Forms Manual working files are provided as Microsoft Excel files. Forms may be modified to allow for the following: placing the church's name on the form, changing words on the form to words that better describe your church/ministry, and changing form numbers to adapt to your existing numbering scheme. Since the forms have been created as editable Excel spreadsheets, formulas can also be placed in the forms to allow for calculations or use of the form as a direct input and printable device.

A User Guide section is also made a part of the Frieze Resource Library software. It is designed to provide answers to basic questions relating to the navigation between the different resources as well as to the preparation of your own manuals.

As you can see, there are many advantages for obtaining the resource's software.

Our resources are not intended to be a final product. They are instead templates for you and your professional advisors to use in developing your own organizational and operational materials. Every church and ministry is different. Therefore, its organizational structure, polity and levels of responsibility must reflect those differences and specifically address needs that are unique to your organization. The material in these resources can serve as a good starting point in developing needed guidelines, or in reviewing and updating existing ones. These resources are not intended to be all-inclusive with regard to laws and regulations and under no circumstances should they be relied upon for that purpose. Furthermore, because laws and regulations do frequently change and vary from one state to another, some materials in these resources might be outdated or not applicable. The services of competent accounting, financial, legal, or other professional advisors should always be sought to review initial drafts and all final documents, prior to implementation, regarding those specific applications of professional standards, laws, and regulations that directly relate to your ministry.

Click on each of the five resource links as found in this section to learn more about that resource or click on any of the buttons below for additional information regarding these resources.

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