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Organizational Manual

The ORGANIZATIONAL MANUAL has been designed to aid in the effective and efficient functioning of staff, ministry groups and church members; assist church leadership in sound decision making; optimize the fulfillment of the church's ministry purposes and goals; and have in written form necessary ministry guidelines in one place for quick and easy reference.

This manual will serve to bring the entire organizational structure of the church together in one concise manner. This orderly presentation will greatly assist all levels of church leadership in properly organizing and operating His local church. It will serve as an effective means for communicating to church members and training new staff members.

The manual consists of two binders which includes over 720 pages of organizational resource examples. All examples have been created in a consistent format. Each can be used "as is" or modified to complement your ministry! A resource ready for immediate use and great for future referencing purposes as the ministry grows.

Summary of Important Contents of This Manual

Primary Governing Documents

  • Articles of Incorporation (Charter)
  • Bylaws (Constitution)

Philosophy of Ministry

  • Mission Statement, Purpose Statement, Doctrinal Statement, Ministry Priorities and Ministry Distinctives and Core Values

Organizational Charts

  • Detailed charts of leadership and ministries (Council of Elders, Oversight Groups, Committees and Ministry Teams)
  • Detailed charts of staff (Executive Staff, Ministry Department Heads and Support Staff)

Leadership Position Descriptions

  • Lay Ministry Leaders (i.e., Elder, Deacon, Class Teachers, Church Hostess, Men's Ministry Coordinator, Nursery and Toddler Coordinator, Youth Leadership). - Includes over 70 positions.
  • Ministerial Staff (i.e., Senior Minister, Executive Minister, Minister of Children, Minister of Education, Minister of Evangelism, Minister of Youth). - Includes 24 positions.
  • Staff Associates, Directors and Coordinators (i.e., Director of Business Affairs, Director of Choirs, Director of Counseling, Director of Facilities, Director of Media, Director of Orchestra, Director of Personnel, Office Manager). - Includes over 30 positions.
  • Support Staff Positions (includes descriptions for numerous secretary positions, finance office staff, music/audio/visual staff, facilities staff, food service staff, child care staff, Christian school staff, etc.). - Includes over 70 positions.

Ministry Descriptions

  • Council of Elders, Deacon Fellowship and Ministry Oversight Groups
  • Committees - Advisory, Standing and Ad Hoc (i.e., Facilities, Finance, Information Systems, Internal Auditing/Safety, Insurance, Money Counters, Planned Giving, Personnel, Strategic Planning, Transportation, Works of Service). - Includes over 25 descriptions.
  • Ministry Teams (i.e., Altar Counselors, Adults, Baptism, Benevolence, Children, Evangelism and Outreach, Financial Counseling, Hospitality, Men, Missions, Prayer, Support Groups, Ushers, Weekday Education, Women, Youth). Includes over 50 descriptions.
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