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Management Advisory Services

More Services To Meet Your Specific Needs such as...


  • Strategic Ministry Planning
  • Policies and Procedures Manual

    Leadership and Management
    General Administration

  • Board/Committee Position Descriptions
  • Tax Exemption 501(c)(3) Status Application


  • IRS Payroll Tax Reporting and Compliance
  • Properly Structuring a Minister's Compensation Plan
  • Minister's Tax Issues and Financial Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Accountable Expense Reimbursement Arrangement
  • Employee Orientation/Exit Interviews
  • Staff Position Descriptions
  • Employee Handbook


  • Annual Budget Preparation, Presentation and Approval Process
  • Ministry Directed Chart of Accounts
  • Fund Accounting
  • Cash Handling and Safeguard Procedures
  • Reporting of Contributions (Cash and Non-cash)
  • Restricted/Designated Giving Guidelines
  • Purchase Order/Funds Request/Cash Flow Procedures
  • Internal Financial Statements
  • Evaluation of Existing Accounting Systems and Internal Controls
  • Year-End Cut-Off Procedures
  • Annual CPA Audit/Review Considerations
  • Adequate Documentation/Filing Systems


  • Property and Equipment Inventory
  • Calendaring/Use of Facilities
  • Insurance Coverages
  • Acceptance of Tangible Gifts of Property
  • Vehicle Use Guidelines
  • Energy Conservation/Cost Reductions
  • Safety and Inspection

Other Areas:

  • Software and Hardware Considerations
  • Consolidation of Other Church Ministries
  • Unrelated Business Income Activities
  • Financial Counseling Ministry
  • Record Retention
  • And More...

If you would like more information on any of these services, please make your request on the CONTACT US page.

We Stress "Preventive Management" In Your Ministry

Frieze Consulting is strongly committed to preventive management. The organizational structure and operational systems of the church should constantly be reviewed and updated for weaknesses, inefficiencies and noncompliance with governmental regulations. Under this form of management, leadership tries to prevent a risk or exposure from occurring instead of waiting for it to happen. Current cultural and legislative trends will continue to take their tolls on the church. Churches and their leadership must always strive to manage their affairs with prevention in mind!




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