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Personalized Leadership and Staff Training Seminars/Retreats for Your Church or Ministry

FRIEZE CONSULTING is available to assist leadership in providing management and administrative training to all levels of staff and laity.  Training can be designed for individual churches, denominational offices, seminaries, religious associations or any other organization serving ministers and churches.  This training may be conducted in a conference, seminar, workshop or retreat setting.

Training topics and services can be basic in nature or very specific based on the uniqueness’ of the ministry.  Following, is a list of basic areas that could be covered in a training setting:

  • Governances and Polity
  • Management and Leadership
  • Accounting and Finances
  • Staff and Personnel Matters
  • Buildings, Grounds and Other Facilities Needs
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Risk Assessment

Following, are examples of specific training topics that could be covered:

  • Organizing and Operating God's House in a More "Decent and Orderly" Manner
  • Four Major Components for Having a Well Organized and Operating Church
  • Evaluating Areas of Financial and Legal Risks Within Your Church
  • Budgeting With a "Ministry Action" Approach
  • Preparing an Effective Policies and Procedures Manual
  • The 10 Most Important Policies and Procedures for Your Church
  • Properly Structuring a Minister’s Compensation Plan
  • The Ten Most Important Tax-Saving Strategies for Ministers
  • Performing an Internal Organizational and Operational Audit Within Your Church
  • The 15 Most Important Internal Controls Over the Organizational Structure and Operational Systems of Your Church
  • The Practice of Preventive Management Within the Church
  • Ten Important Internal Financial Controls for Every Church
  • Constitution, Bylaws and Other Essential Organizational and Operational Documentation
  • Understanding IRS Rules Regarding Charitable Contributions
  • Do's and Don'ts of Designated Giving
  • Federal Payroll Tax Reporting Obligations for Churches
  • Other Federal Laws – Including Federal Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements
  • Current Issues Facing Church Financial Secretaries
  • 25 Key Job Procedures for Church Bookkeepers and Office Administrators
  • Proper Cash Handling Procedures
  • Financial Freedom From a Biblical Perspective
  • Personal Financial Planning for the Minister and His Family
  • Is Your Ministry’s House in Order?

Our fees for leadership and staff training are based on our hourly billing rates plus out-of-pocket expenses (travel, meals, lodging, etc.). Scheduled training sessions can also be coupled with specific meetings with pastoral staff, boards or committees.


If you would like more information on any of these services, please make your request on the CONTACT US page.

We Stress "Preventive Management" In Your Ministry

Frieze Consulting is strongly committed to preventive management. The organizational structure and operational systems of the church should constantly be reviewed and updated for weaknesses, inefficiencies and noncompliance with governmental regulations. Under this form of management, leadership tries to prevent a risk or exposure from occurring instead of waiting for it to happen. Current cultural and legislative trends will continue to take their tolls on the church. Churches and their leadership must always strive to manage their affairs with prevention in mind!




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