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"We have found the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY to be an invaluable tool in our everyday operation. What a blessing to find every imaginable resource to fit our needs, be it job descriptions, policies and procedures or forms, everything has been thought of and included. The user friendly CD-ROM with its Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint working files allows us to customize any resource to fit our individual needs in a fraction of the time necessary to create the same document from scratch. Furthermore, by knowing that the original version of the customized resource is retained, creates a real comfort level. The biblical references throughout the resources are an added feature that enhances the spiritual aspect of this complete library. I highly recommend the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY to any church regardless of size."

Jay Sage, Administrator
The Community Church - Vero Beach, Florida

"The FREIZE RESOURCE LIBRARY: What a time-saver! I access the consulting library almost daily. It literally saves my staff and me hours in research--someone else has already done the legwork, which gives us a tremendous head start. The program is very easy to use, the typing has already been done and the formatting makes it very professional--we can customize the documents to our needs with minimal effort. A must for any size church who desires to get His house organized and operating in a more 'decent and orderly' manner!"

Jodie Sell, Business Manager
Coker United Methodist Church - San Antonio, Texas

"I received the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY and was just browsing through the documents. Iím amazed at the extent and thoroughness of the manuals. As you no doubt know, this will save our people and our church countless hours of work, raise the quality of our administrative work many times over, and encourage/allow us to cover hundreds of areas that we would surely never get around to formally documenting. Youíve done a great work here and have reason to feel very good about helping others do His work with excellence in the area of administration. One of the goals of Watermark is to do everything with excellence and these resources will surely help us do that."

Burke Autrey, Trustee
Watermark Community Church - Carrollton, Texas

"Our manager has found the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY to be one of the most cost-saving and time-saving resources available. It has made our documentation of key procedures and systems a cinch. We wish that we had discovered these resources years ago."

Deborah Pegues, Chief Financial Officer
West Angeles Church of God in Christ - Los Angeles, CA

"Since becoming the Administrator of First Baptist Church Windermere, I have found that the church was way behind the curve in documenting almost everything - policies and procedures, job descriptions, personnel evaluations, etc. As a result, I needed a lot of help in creating items to meet the various demands. I purchased the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY to help me as the Business Administrator. I have found that it exceeds my expectations. A template exists for just about anything I have ever needed. The links to Microsoft Office make it very easy to modify the information for our specific situations. Also, the entire Library is very user friendly (and Iím not exactly a computer geek either!) and serves as a tremendous church administration tool!"

Steve Marcereau, Business Administrator
First Baptist Church - Windermere, Florida

"The FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY is a must for every church, particularly those with multi-staffing. We use these resources in our regional office and are extremely pleased. I highly recommend this library to any church leader who is responsible for providing management and administrative oversight to His church."

Dr W.L. Parrish II, Executive Director
American Baptist Churches of the South - Baltimore, Maryland

"As a user of the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY for three years, I would highly recommend this material to anyone involved in church administration. This is the most comprehensive resource I have found; everything from compliance of church law to risk reduction. It has saved me hours, not having to recreate the wheel but being able to go to the FRL for help on any issue I am dealing with."

Wes Agnew, Business Administrator
First Baptist Church - Jonesboro, GA

"I consider the FRIEZE RESOURCE LIBRARY to be a most significant tool to secure the administrative integrity of the 21st Century church needs."

Robert F. Grant, Director of Church Administration & Buildings
South Carolina Baptist Convention - Columbia, SC


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