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Administrative Forms Manual

One of the most important procedures that any ministry must implement for the development of an effective and efficient ministry, is that of preparing and maintaining proper and adequate documentation of its operations. Documentation is the ministry's representation of the past, present and future. The primary purpose of this manual is to bring consistency to the many applications of church operations.

The ADMINISTRATIVE FORMS MANUAL includes a vast assortment of illustrative forms, reports, worksheets, checklists, etc., which support the various operations of the church. Thirteen separate administrative sections have been created to facilitate easy reference and use of the documentation. Specific forms are easily located by means of a separate table of contents for each section. Each form is assigned a different number for referencing purposes. These forms can be used "as is" or modified by use of the optional software.

These forms are also referenced (hyperlinked in the software) directly to the practices and guidelines as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual mentioned in this section.

Summary of Administrative Forms Found In This Manual

This manual consists of two binders which includes over 650 forms, reports, worksheets, checklists, etc. Following, are the thirteen sections of the manual, examples of forms and the actual number of forms in each.

Accounting - Cash Receipts Count Summary, Acknowledgement of Non-Cash Gifts, Purchase/Funds Request, Check Request, Time Sheets, Employee Monthly Expense Report, Year-End Accounting Checklist, etc. Includes 99 forms.

Budgeting - Budget Timetable, Budget Request Worksheet, New Program Budget Request, Personnel Budget for Staff, Justification for Budget Projections, etc. Includes 43 forms.

Computer Services - Evaluation of Computer Software, Computer Processing Request, Internet Access, Summary of Standard Processing Deadlines, etc. Includes 23 forms.

Financial Reporting - Weekly Cash Report, Monthly Statement of Cash Flow, Budget to Actual Financial Comparisons, Recurring Reporting Requirements, etc. Includes 19 forms.

Food Services - Food Service Request, Charge-Out Worksheet, Wednesday Evening Dinner Setup Checklist, Food Service Cleaning Schedule, etc. Includes 17 forms.

General Administration - Master Planning Sheet, Calendar of Events Request, General Meeting Agenda, Record Retention/Disposal Authorization, File Retrieval Log, etc. Includes 35 forms.

Legal - Permission and Medical Consent, Activity Participation Agreement, Debt Covenant Review, Checklist of Insurance Safeguards, Photography/Video Release, etc. Includes 25 forms.

Management - Project Planning Sheet, Ministry Event Evaluation, Conflict-of-Interest Questionnaire, Notification of Minister's Housing Allowance, Delegation Planning Sheet, Disaster Assessment Worksheet, etc. Includes 54 forms.

Media Services - Services Request, Bulletin Announcement Request, Audio Tape Order, Production Services Request, etc. Includes 17 forms.

Minister's Taxes/Financial Planning - Annual Financial Plan, Specific Financial Goals Checklist, Computation of Minister's Housing Allowance, Location of Important Documents/Instructions, etc. Includes 28 forms.

Ministry Services - Family Data Request, Spiritual Gifts Ministry Opportunities, Volunteer Application, Child Care Request, Benevolence Assistance, Funeral Arrangements, Ministry Interests Survey, etc. Includes 107 forms.

Personnel - Application for Employment, Reference Checks, Screening Forms, Payroll Authorization, Employee Orientation Checklist, Travel Arrangements, Leave Authorization, Service Agreement, Employee Evaluations, Accident Investigation Report, etc. Includes 93 forms.

Property and Equipment - Request for Use of Facilities, Room Setup Request, Facilities Work Request, Preventive Maintenance Inspection Report, Custodial Daily Work Checklist, Request for Vehicle Use, Vehicle Driver Application, etc. Includes 89 forms.

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