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Software Deliverability

 Q: Can the software be downloaded from the internet?

A: Yes. The software can be downloaded from our Dropbox account.

 Q: Can the software be obtained on a CD-ROM?

A: Yes. However, a shipping and handling charge will apply.

Getting Started

Q: What is the first thing I should do before I begin using the Library of resources?

A: Read the "Software User Guide". This guide is located in the Bookmarks Section of the screen. This guide gives you a good overview of the Library features and navigation tools.

Q: When I'm in the Library, how do I get to the actual Microsoft files where I can begin making modifications and creating my own documents?

A: Go to the Bookmark Section and click on the red "Document Actions" link which relates to the section you want to open. Then click on the "Open Working File" link. This action will open Microsoft Word and retrieve the section you have requested. You will now be able to make modifications to this file.

Q: Is each Position or Ministry Description, which is shown in the Library, maintained in a separate Microsoft working file?

A: No. All Position Descriptions are maintained in one Microsoft Word working file. All Ministry Descriptions are maintained in another separate Microsoft working file. The main reason why we include all related descriptions in one file is for the ease of performing global word replacements (i.e. changing name of church) all at once for all descriptions. Another reason is for the speed of printing your modified descriptions all at once instead of printing each one individually.

License Agreements

Q: What is the difference between a "Developer" License and a "Network" License?

A: A Developer License relates only to those users who will be "developing or modifying" the documentation (i.e. policies, forms, etc.) found in the Library. The Network License relates to those church users who will only be "viewing" the final documentation which has been developed by the developers.

Q: Can I purchase the Network License instead of the Developer License?

A: No. The Developer License must first be purchased to allow for the user(s) to work with the resource(s) and make needed modifications relating to their own church. The Network License would be needed whenever the modified material is placed on the church's network server to be viewed by other church employees or volunteers directly from their own computer workstation.


Q: If we purchase a resource under the category "Software User Licenses (Binders/Tabs Included)" is there a price break on receiving only the software and not the applicable binders and tabs?

A: No. Our marketing research indicated that it would be best for the purchaser of software to receive the applicable resource binders and tabs when they make a software purchase. By receiving these, the purchaser would be able to see the actual layout of their manuals (i.e. with tabs, cover, etc.) and be ready to put their developed material in the appropriate binder once completed. However, the purchaser can request to not receive the binders and tabs but there would be no price break, except on the savings in some shipping and handling.


Q: When printing within the Acrobat Reader, what must I do if the printed text all runs together?

A: This might occur if you have multiple printer drivers loaded. To solve this problem, change your printer to one of the other printer drivers.

            Use of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download for free)


Q: If I have a problem with the Acrobat Reader program can I reload this program directly from the CD-ROM instead of downloading it from Adobe's web site?

A: Just place the Frieze Resource Library CD in your CD-ROM drive and open up your Windows Explorer program. Go to the CD-ROM drive and click on the separate Adobe Reader file folder. Double click on the "exe" file to begin the Acrobat Reader installation process.

Q: Will I ever need to update the version of this program?

A: No. This program will be adequate to navigate the version of the Frieze Resource Library you purchased for as long as you own the resource(s).

Q: Should I uninstall old versions of Acrobat Reader?

A: Yes. All old versions of Acrobat Reader should be uninstalled before loading the Frieze Resource Library. Our Library required Version 6.0 or higher of Acrobat Reader.

Use on Macintosh Machines

Q: Are any churches or ministries using this software on Macintosh machines?

A: Yes. We have numerous churches and ministries using our softwaare on their MACs.


"For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men." 2 Corinthians 8:21


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