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Comprehensive Organizational and Operational Review

This Review ...

Analyzes, from an independent viewpoint, the organizational structure and major operational systems of your church. This on-site internal review is designed for the purpose of assisting church leadership in determining where weaknesses, inefficiencies and risk exposures exist and providing corrective recommendations in a bound written report. Findings will be thoroughly reviewed and addressed with church leadership and assistance will be given on prioritizing corrective actions.

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We Stress "Preventive Management" In Your Ministry

Frieze Consulting is strongly committed to preventive management. The organizational structure and operational systems of the church should constantly be reviewed and updated for weaknesses, inefficiencies and noncompliance with governmental regulations. Under this form of management, leadership tries to prevent a risk or exposure from occurring instead of waiting for it to happen. Current cultural and legislative trends will continue to take their tolls on the Church. Churches and their leadership must always strive to manage their affairs with prevention in mind!


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