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The Church and its purpose are the most important work on the face of this earth. This work of ministry must operate effectively and efficiently so that our Lord will be pleased in a work that is "well done by good and faithful servants." The church must internally have "its house in order!" If we proclaim from the pulpit this truth from scripture to our people, we must then be the pacesetters in demonstrating how our business and financial matters are handled.

When a church is not properly organized and operating effectively, you will typically find inefficiency, inconsistency, lack of accountability, misunderstanding of responsibilities and authority levels, confusion regarding policy making, inadequate internal controls over operations, management by exceptions, unethical business practices, and legal and financial exposures... just to name a few. The present day requirements for orderliness and efficiency within the local church are quite obvious and we continue to see them being magnified through governmental and public scrutinizing eyes as each day passes.

We realize that many pastors did not receive proper and adequate training in seminary or Bible college regarding business and financial matters, yet are now being required to make significant decisions regarding such matters. If the pastor, elders and other church leaders feel deficient or inadequate in certain areas of church management, they should "seek out wise counsel" in those areas of concern. As Proverbs 1:5 states, "Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance." Wise counsel will convert concerns, doubts and uncertainties into a sense of peace and a higher level of confidence in ministering for our Lord.

There are numerous business and financial consultants from the financial, accounting and legal professions. From my years of ministry in the area of church management, however, I have come to realize that very few of these consultants are familiar with the true internal workings of the church. Because of a lack of church experience and a sense of calling, few of these professionals can associate with those unique problems and challenges which consistently face the pastor, staff and lay leadership.

Frieze Consulting is a Church Management Consulting Firm which fully devotes its time and efforts to assisting and equipping church leadership in organizational, operational and administrative issues of the church. We were established out of a deep conviction and burden for those pastors and lay leaders who need and desire proper organization and administration in their ministries. We are international in scope and service. Our conviction has always been to build a solid foundational base by establishing proper business and financial practices and procedures to carry out the church's programs and plans. As the Lord blesses a church with continued growth in membership, contributions, personnel, buildings, etc., this solid foundational base will be able to hold and protect His Bride with such added growth. We, at Frieze Consulting, also feel that a bureaucracy should never be created wherein the mission, objectives and goals of the church cannot be effectively carried out because of a stringent organizational structure, excessive policies and procedures, and unneeded rules and regulations. But there is a proper balance! In accomplishing this balance, the church and its leadership will display to its members and community at large the highest levels of integrity regarding the internal workings of His church. This integrity is the reason Frieze Consulting exists: "To assist church leaders in organizing and operating God's house in a more decent and orderly manner!" (MISSION STATEMENT OF FRIEZE CONSULTING).

It is the desire of Frieze Consulting to establish a relationship that will allow us to minister to the pastors, elders, staff and lay leaders in a broad spectrum of management and operational needs of the church. This relationship would be one with an on-going commitment on our part. It is not our desire to prepare a report, conduct a leadership seminar, provide needed resources, etc. and then forget about you. Prudent organization and planning must take place on a day-to-day basis. Our fees are based on the objectives you wish to achieve. In most cases, our services will save your ministry far more than the services themselves cost. We work on a fee basis, hourly rate, or a combination of both.

Please review the information which is furnished for you in our web site. I would be honored to personally visit with you and discuss any of our ministry services and resources. In showing you how we can resolve many of those unique management and operational concerns which presently face your ministries, I believe your visit will be worthwhile.

Pressing Toward the Goal,

Rex I. Frieze

Philippians 3:13-14

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